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Hello Taiwan featuring Sean Huang, Gina Can, Biung & Treya

May 27

Joe's Pub

Doors at 1PM
Sean Huang at 1:30PM
Treya at 2PM
Gina Can at 2:30PM
Biung at 3PM

Hello Taiwan is an annual event bringing leading artists from Taiwan to the US to reach American audiences. The four artists in this show have unique musical styles, and this performance marks the debut performance in New York for three out of the four artists.

Sean Huang sings his own original songs, with a great vocal technique and fun uplifting style. Winner of a Golden Melody Award, which is the Taiwanese equivalent of a Grammy. He writes songs about daily life in Taipei. His biggest hit was about environmental conservation, reaching millions of his fans with this message.

Gina Can is a member of the Hakka ethnic group and she sings in Hakka language. She’s influenced by jazz and soul, and leads a 5-piece band with serious chops. Her songs are full of passion, a fantastic vehicle for her powerful voice and magnificent range. Her band members are all deeply rooted in contemporary Hakka culture, and at the same time, they love artists like Stevie Wonder.

Biung won the ‘Best Aboriginal Singer’ Golden Melody Award. He lives in Taipei, but was raised in the mountains. He sings in his native language, Bunun, and is a member of the Bunun aborigine group. 'Biung' means ‘pass the torch’, and his mission is to do exactly that, by sharing the peace and beauty of his songs across cultures.

A local New Yorker, Treya is a regular at Joe’s Pub, and a Taiwanese-American rising star. Currently working on her highly-anticipated debut album with Golden Globe-nominated producer Kaki King, Treya will play a solo set of her original songs, accompanying herself on piano and guitar. Her delicious voice is like coffee and whiskey mixed with the feeling of birdsong at dawn, in part due to her roots.

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